Monday, August 22, 2011

Can You Keep a Secret? Sophie Kinsella

Can You Keep a Secret?Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

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This book was chosen by my book club to read and was a pleasant change to our normal Paranormal Romance reads. I was instantly taken in by the Emma Corrigan, the main character and her ordinary life. I instantly connected with her life, trying to get ahead, having a family where she felt like an outsider a "perfect" boyfriend who just didn't do it for her. Then comes the exciting plane ride where she is instantly upgraded to first class and sits next to the handsome stranger. Helloooo who wouldn't dream of THAT happening?!?! Spilling all of her most dearest, darkest secrets to this stranger only to have him turn out to be her, gasp, main boss. The courtship, the way she viewed things, it was so everyday and it made perfect sense to me. We all have similar secrets I'm sure, I know for a fact that I do, and it was refreshing for me, through Emma, to actually let them out. I was mortified when all of them were shared with the world and wanted to hide under a rock with her as well. This book made me feel so many emotions that I could not put it down. The only complaint I had was the way Emma easily forgave him for spreading all of her secrets to the world, at first she was really resisting and I was cheering her on, "yes! Sock it to him!! don't let him get off so easily, he humiliated you" but then it helped to open up the relationships with her family and her friends, after all they weren't heavy secrets (think duct-tape, black garbage bags and removal of evidence), so then I too softened my heart towards him. Highly recommended!

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