Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lothaire by Kresley Cole

First, I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship some of The Immortals After Dark.  Some books in Kresley Cole’s series I've loved and others, well…. not so much.  I just finished reading her latest book Lothaire, and I have to confess that I loved this one, or maybe it would be better to say I loved Lothaire and I loved to hate Lothaire.  I don't quite know how Kresley Cole managed to pull it off, but she made Lothaire wounded and vulnerable while still keeping him evil, insane, and basically an insufferable arrogant jackass throughout.  I’ve always had a problem with villains becoming the heroes, either they have to earn it through strife, growth, and change or it doesn’t work for me, which admittedly was one of my problems with the last book.  I had a really hard time with the "villain" becoming the hero rather suddenly, and although I’m still not sure how I feel about Declan Chase in all honestly somehow for Lothaire it worked for me.  Maybe because he isn’t suddenly heroic, he’s just tempered evil with something more important to him than decimating everything that crosses his path.   I spent most of this book hating his high handed murdering ways and secretly enjoying Ellie's spunkiness in refusing to play his games. Which means that no matter how much I wanted to throttle him, no matter how much I wanted Ellie to find someone better who deserved her and treated her with respect, I still found myself frantically turning pages desperate to know how Kresley Cole was going to make him see the light before it was too late or make Ellie fall for him despite his atrocious behavior while loving every minute of it. 

The back story we gleamed about Lothaire, Nix, and the varying vampire factions was wonderful too.  I knew on some level that being immortals they all were interconnected somewhere, but I honestly didn’t realize just how tightly Kresley Cole would tie the various factions together.   We gleamed some hints about the future importance of some characters like Furie and Thad, which admittedly only sparked more questions.   And while I’m still waiting to find out more about Cade's demon friends and their swimbo's, what became of Lanthe and Thronos after the island, the Lycan twins Munro and Uilleam (who we last saw in some desperate straits), and Brandr among a long list of others….. Kresley Cole has managed to add even more characters that I now need to know more about as well.   I find myself taking the new intel from this book and speculating about possible matchups, wondering who she will write about next and what will become of some others.  And with many of our favorite characters from previous books still owing oaths to a formidable enemy and the Valkyries still trading more of their hair to the wraiths with each book is there further disaster waiting in the wing for some of our favorite characters.  As much as Kresley Cole’s novels thrill me and frustrate me I have to give her credit for creating one of the most diverse worlds, with seemingly endless characters and storyline possibilities, that I have ever read.    Where most novels have main characters and a few side characters you’d like to know more about, she somehow manages to have dozens, keeps track of them all through multiple novels, and adds more with every book. 

Lothaire is story #12 in The Immortals After Dark series, if you are interested in starting this series be sure to start out with the novella titled The Warlord Wants Forever.

~ Melissa

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